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When buying almonds online in Pakistan

Pakistan is farming almonds on around 10,000 acres and generating 22,000 tonnes every year. Also, there are so many types of almonds that are categorized taste-wise and with different shells. If we talk about almond price in Pakistan, there is a difference in price in each category. There is also a price change in almonds from where they belong to. People use dry fruits, especially in different events like marriage ceremonies, etc. The consumption of almonds is far more in bakery products.

Below, we will discuss all the types, prices, bitter and sweet almonds, nutrition and health benefits, the areas almonds belong to and how will you get the best ones in Pakistan, and much more. Almond is one of the most liked dry fruits around the world, especially in Pakistan. The people who live in cold weathered areas consume almonds the most. However, you can garnish your sweet dishes with almonds too. Some sweets at the bakery are also coated with chopped almonds. Price of almond per kg is different in all cities because of the quality and transport issues.

Types of badam/almonds in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are far too many different sorts of almonds. Gurbani badam, Abdul Wahidi badam, Australian softshell almond, American almond Giri, and American softshell almond Kalmi badam are the most common varieties of almonds in Pakistan. Let’s discuss them with prices and from where you can get them easily.

American badam giri price in Pakistan

The large-size American almonds price in Pakistan is Rs 1300/- for 500 grams and Rs 2600/- for 1 kg. If we talk about the large  American badam giri price in Pakistan, it's Rs, 2800/-. You can get the best quality and fresh American badam without shell from at reasonable rates.

Kagzi badam price in Pakistan

Kagzi badam 1 kg price in Pakistan is nearly Rs 1450/- to Rs 1480/-. For 500 grams, it's Rs 730/-. No other seller is providing the best quality almond soft shell price in Pakistan. You can only get these processes for kagzi badam from khan dry fruit,,.

Desi badam price in Pakistan

Desi Almonds with Shell/Nuts are also recognized as Desi Gurbandi badam, Gur bandi Badaam, and Katha badam. desi badam 1 kg costs Rs500/- for 500 Grams, and Rs1000/- 1000 Gram in Pakistan. However, from , you can get these at discounted rates.

Irani badam price in Pakistan

Irani badam is considered to be the best and sweetest badam in Pakistan. You can garnish your sweet dishes with this. You can get irani badam without shell from for just Rs 4000/-. There will be one day guarantee on the originality. This shows that the platform provides you with u the best quality dry fruits in Pakistan.

Sweet and bitter almonds

Sweet almonds have a somewhat nutty flavor and are commonly seen on grocery shelves or in almond-based items like nougat or fondant. Bitter almonds, as the name suggests, have an extremely bitter flavor.

Almonds in different packaging according to the weight

Badam with shell price in Pakistan and badam without shell in Pakistan is clearly different. If you are here to get a pack of almonds, you can clearly see the weight written in grams/kilograms and the price according to that. Badam without shell is in 100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, 750 gram, 1000 gram, 1-kg, and 2-kg packaging. Each of them is titled with weight, quality, and type. The price of each is shown on that.


Badam Rate in Punjab

As we all know, almond is a dry fruit that is not grown and processed in every providence. That’s why there is a change in quality and price everywhere. Some of the areas such as Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit Baltistan, and Kashmir are far away from Punjab. That’s why badam price in Punjab is different from badam price in Hyderabad. There are charges to transport these dry fruits from different areas. Almond price in Pakistan is way different in different cities.

If we check the price details, we will come to know the price of almond per kg in Punjab. Almond price in Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Faisalabad, and Sialkot are different because of the transport charges. Although, every product can be delivered in any city among them.

Buy badam online

If you are one who is going to buy almonds online, you must have to keep so many things in mind. Where you are purchasing is a very basic concern. So many dry fruit merchants lie as far as price, type, and origin of that type are concerned. Here, we have made this tedious task very easy for you. has a variety of all dry fruits and in each category, there are variations in price, quality, size, and weightage. You can easily buy any of the packs at reasonable rates from this platform. There are always some quality checks. You will get the same quality, quantity, and product that you have ordered

  • The almond is the edible kernel of the fruit of the sweet almond tree.
  • It is a bright white fruit and wrapped in a reddish brown cover.
  • It is consumed as dry fruit, fried and/or salted. Some well-known products, such as nougat and marzipan, are made of almonds.
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