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White Salted Peanut 1KG Pack

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Phool Makhana [ 100gm ]

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  • Euryale Fox, Foxnuts, Gorgon Nuts, Lotus Seeds.

    We all want to make our day-to-day life chores simple and easy. It applies the same in Kitchen and meal preparation. Phool Makhana/Lotus Seeds/Eurayle fox seeds are one such healthy ingredient that is healthy and can be easily included in our diet. It can save lots of time in meal preparations. We can include Phool Makhana in Indian Deserts, Indian Curries, Indian Bread, and Indian SnacksPhool Makhana’s health benefits come from its rich nutritional profile. It is a plant-based option that is popularly included for religious offerings and in Navaratri & Ekadashi fasting food. Recently Phool Makhana gained Superfood status and replaced regular Potato Chips and Packaged Namkeens for munching. Let us walk through the health benefits and healthy recipes of Phool Makhana.

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