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Sahreefa Dates 1kg Pack , Best Quality Puree Sahreefa Dates

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Dates کھجور Price In Pakistan

The date کھجور palm is a mighty tree that is native to the Middle East, and the sweet fruit of this tree is the date. In the whole Muslim world, dates are considered to be the best sweet fruit because of some religious and medical benefits. The same is the case in Pakistan. This sweet fruit is so important for Muslims because of some hadith about how dates can help you medically for your healthy life. The people in Pakistan always search for dates in Pakistan and they want to get them at lower prices. Dates price in Pakistan varies from place to place, type to type, and quality-wise. Below we will discuss all the types, benefits, and prices of dates in Pakistan.

Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, “Indeed in dates, there is a cure” [Sahih Muslim], and we can see today. As the Prophet (ﷺ) taught us that eating dates contribute to an overall healthy state of both the body and the mind. It has been proved in medical science that Dates are rich in minerals and contain potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, this sweet tropical delicacy is an excellent option for those who are interested in maintaining a balanced diet. Also, the taste is sweet. Khajoor per kg price in Pakistan starts from Rs 290/-to Rs 4500/- depending on the type and quality. Below, we are going to discuss some popular and important types of khajoor in Pakistan.

 Types of Dates in Pakistan

Now we are going to tell you all the types like Irani khajoor, Saudi khajoor, ajwa, mebroom, Medjool, nar chuara (Dried) with prices. Let’s get started with the types.

Nar chuara or dried dates price in Pakistan

Dried dates nar chuara is a dried/ dehydrated dates type that is so popular in Pakistan and can be used in every season. Most people consume it with milk. Dried dates price in Pakistan is more than per kg. If you purchase from, dried dates price per 1kg in Pakistan is just Rs 290/-.

Irani dates price in Pakistan

If we talk about Irani dates, two things pop up in our minds. There are two kinds of Irani khajoor. One is Zaidi dried dates that come from Irani and the other are simple Irani dates. The Mazafati khajoor price in Pakistan is Rs 420/- for 500 grams. And Zaidi khajoor is priced at Rs 390/- per 1000 grams.

ajwa dates price in Pakistan

ajwa dates are considered to be the most precious dates in Pakistan. If you are looking for original ajwa dates in Pakistan, you should get them from Its price in Pakistan is nearly Rs 1600/- per 250 grams. You can get these dates at lower rates if you get them from our platform.

Saudi khajoor price in Pakistan

Saudi dates price in Pakistan is reasonable because of their importance and religious or emotional aspects. Including Madina and Jeddah, Arab is full of palm trees. Pakistan imports data from Saudi Arabia. The types are mabroom, ajwa, amber, safawi/kalmi, sukri, sagai, and many more. These are different in price. Saudi khajoor rate in Pakistan starts from Rs 2450/- per kilogram and goes up to Rs 5500/- per kilogram.

Mabroom dates price in Pakistan

Mabroom khajoor is one of the most popular date fruit in Pakistan. Its origin is Saudi Arabia and imported to Pakistan every year. Mabroom Dates are a good source of a variety of nutrients, including calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin B6, and niacin. These dates are full of fibre in addition to other minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to your health. Mabroom khajoor price in Pakistan is Rs 1049/- per 500 grams and nearly Rs 2000/- for 1 kg. You can get mabroom at discounted rates from

Amber dates price in Pakistan

Amber khajoor always remains in customer demand in Pakistan, especially in winter. This type is also imported from Saudi Arabia and also grown in Pakistan. This type is also very low in price. Amber khajoor price in Pakistan varies all year from Rs 1100/- per kg to Rs 2200/- per kg. This type is also one of the most consumed dates in Pakistan.

Medjool dates price in Pakistan

Majdool dates belong to Saudi Arabia but are also cultivated in Balochistan, Pakistan. If you are the one who is looking for the best quality Saudi-originated Medjool in Pakistan, you can get them from  KHANDRYFRUIT.COM . medjool khajoor price in Pakistan is Rs 1250/- per 500 grams and Rs 2500/- per 1 kg.

Dates Medical Benefits

Dates have different amounts of naturally occurring sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Dried-out dates have more than 300 calories per 100 grams, but fresh dates have only about 157 calories per 100 grams. Dates have a lot of natural sugar, but they also have protein, crude fiber, lipids, and antioxidants. Because of this, dates are thought to be a functional food that has important health benefits.

Dates are very sweet, and the amount of sweetness can be anywhere from 50 to 88 percent of their total weight, depending on the cultivar, the stage of ripening, and the amount of water in the date as a whole.

Date flesh contains between 0.2% and 0.5% oil, while the seed or pit has between 7.7% and 9.7% oil. The most important unsaturated fatty acids are palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and linoleic acid. Date seeds are a possible source of oleic acid because 41.1% to 58.8% of their total weight can be made up of oleic acid.

Dates have 23 different kinds of amino acids, but common fruits like oranges, peaches, grapes, and apples only have 12 or fewer of these important building blocks. A small amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B (1) thiamine, vitamin B (2) riboflavin, and nicotinic acid are also in them (niacin). The B complex has all of these vitamins.


Dates consumption reaches double in the month of Ramadan in Pakistan and all the Muslim countries. Breaking the fast is not possible without dates (khajoor). If you are living in Pakistan and want the best quality fresh dates, get them from our platform at reasonable rates.


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  • Dates,

    Khan dry fruit presents premium quality Chuara (dried dates) online all across Pakistan. Our top-quality dried dates are processed in our warehouse and delivered to our customers in hygienic packaging. Dry dates, also known as ‘Chuara‘, Dry dates are known to be an all-in-one natural remedy for a number of health-related problems. From boosting your energy levels to taking care of your cardiovascular health, date fruits have multifaceted benefits to offer. You can also consume them for enhancing your beauty.

    Dried dates remain fresh for a longer period. They have less moisture that keeps them fresh for approximately five years if stored appropriately. Turbat, Panjgar, Gawadar, D.I, Khan and Khairpur are major date-producing areas in Pakistan. Khan dry fruit directly transports fresh dried dates from .Balochistan, and Sindh cities and upgrades and refine them in their warehouse. Later on, they are packed in the best eco-friendly packaging and delivered to your doorsteps at your demand.

    Khan dry fruit provides nutrient-enriched dried dates to their customers. These dates are composed of magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium.

    Dried dates have no moisture as they are sun-dried. This makes them dense with nutrients. Dried dates are loaded heavily with vitamins, fibers, and minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Dried dates are the richest source of polyphenols. Polyphenol maintains the sugar level in the body, maintains normal digestion, and helps prevent cancer.

    Along with various vitamins and minerals, dried dates are the greatest source of fiber. Antioxidants in them maintain normal metabolic functioning. Due to the presence of vitamin C in fired dates, they help in boosting immunity which resists the body from getting infections. Calcium in them helps strengthen bones and teeth. Dried dates are lower in fat which maintains the low density of lipoprotein in the blood. This maintains the normal blood pressure, proper functioning of the heart and decreases the risk of strokes.

    Make your body healthy and fit with natural dried dates from Khan dry frut Rush to our store right now and get premium quality dried dates at the most promising prices online in Pakistan.

    Dried dates can also be used to make your feasts more mouth-watering and luscious. Khan dry fruit promises to provide the best quality dried dates on your demand to satisfy your taste buds.

    Following are some ways to make these tasty dried dates a part of your daily routine:

    ● Take some dates with a glass of milk.

    ● Stuff your dried dates with cream cheese, walnuts, or almonds and satisfy your craving with a smooth crunch. 

    ● Chop these dates and garnish your cakes, desserts, puddings, and salads with them.

    ● Due to their sweet and sticky texture, these dates make a tremendously delicious base for non-bake dessert balls.

    ● Use these dates to enhance the taste of your shakes, smoothies.

    ● Make an energy-dense trail using these delicious dates.

     Add some flavor to your life with fresh, dried dates from Khan dry fruit. Order your premium quality 1kg pack of dried dates at the best price from Khan dry fruit and sate your appetite.

    Health benefits of Chuara Dried Dates:

    ● Keep your heart healthy and maintain its normal functioning.

    ● Maintain normal blood pressure

    ● Enhance the metabolism

    ● Strengthen the gut and improve its health.

    ● Boost dental and bone health.

    ● Help in inducing labor

    ● Dried dates help in detoxing the body from cancerous and toxic chemicals.

    Features of Dried Dates:

    ● Energy and nutrients rich dates.

    ● 100℅ fresh and pure

    ● Premium quality dates at a suitable price.

    ● Available in packs of 250g, 500g, 1000g

    ● Eco-friendly packaging

    khan dry fruit provides Chuara (dried dates) filled with the goodness of nature. They are chewier and have the characteristics of chocolate and cinnamon in them. Best packaging is provided to our customers to maintain the hygiene and quality of the product. Rush to our stores and order the best-dried dates of Pakistan online. Place your order right now and get your pack of nutrient-enriched dried dates in 24-48 hours.,,