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  • Snack: Nimko

  • is a type of snack that is typically enjoyed as a light, crunchy treat between meals.

  • South Asia: Nimko is popular in many countries in South Asia, including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, where it is a well-loved snack food.

  • Middle East: Nimko is also enjoyed in many countries in the Middle East, such as Iran and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Crunchy: Nimko is typically known for its crunchy texture, which is achieved through the use of deep-frying or baking.

  • Flavors: Nimko is available in a variety of flavors, including spicy, salty, and sweet, to cater to different tastes and preferences.

  • Street food: In some countries, Nimko is a popular street food, sold by vendors who offer the snack as a quick and tasty treat for customers on the go.

  • Versatile: Nimko can be enjoyed as a snack on its own or used as a topping for other foods, such as salads or soups, making it a versatile snack option.

  • Snack food: Nimko is a type of snack food, which is a food item that is typically consumed between main meals or as a light, crunchy treat.